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Paul Andrew Design

Creating A Product Just For You

Since 2000
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  • Custom Home Cabinetry

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

  • Handmade Furniture

  • Wooden Sculpture & Specialty Cabinets

  • Deck And Landscape Design

  • Project Management


Paul Andrew Design

I learned carpentry, technical drawing, and metal fabrication in high school in the 80's. Back then, my summer jobs involved metal fabrication and drafting shop drawings for a manufacturer.

When I became a college student, I repurposed, modified, and redesigned second-hand furniture with only a handsaw and screwdriver in my apartment living room. This is how I furnished my entire living space.

My path was clear. I purchased machinery and rented shop space to start my own business producing furniture and custom cabinetry for customers. 

Now I work in a shop that I have built from the ground up. The design and functionality of this space was developed with everything I have learned in school, working in factories, shared workshops, and apartment living rooms. In my shop, with passion and pure harmony, I produce high quality, truly unique products for my customers.

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These photos are a glimpse of the wide variety of products that I have produced. 

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